Saturday, September 17, 2011

You know the best...

Assalamualaikum wbt.

I have just finish my "double exam" last week. and suprisingly i found myself not enough good to be succesful medical student. A lot of thing i have done but Allah knows the best and it happens for a reason.It is sad sometimes but we always neglect many good things happen cause we focus too much on the sad things.

I realized sometime a bad thing can happen cause we are going far away from our creator. I just hope I will get the message, the lessons and imply it in my life, and lastly become closer to HIM, the Almighty..

knowledge is the power.

but the real power is the application of the knowledge,

and the most true power is knowledge that can make us close to Allah...

       With my realization i hope it can wash away my regret. I can said this ramadhan was about one complete "madrasah tarbiyyah" and most unique in every breath i have. Hope with the new energy and power, i can pass every single problem. 

Gud luck to me for new journey!!! 

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