Monday, October 31, 2011

I will running again

Every morning, a zebra wakes up knowing
it must run faster than the lion or be killed.
Every morning, a lion awakens knowing it must
outrun the slowest zebra or starve to death.
It doesnt matter if you a lion or a zebra.
When the sun come up, you better be running.

Defeat and failure. Lack of meaning in your life. All these kind of things make me tired. However, it is the sign  for me to start again. To run again. To leave the old behind and embrace the new. To ignite a new spark that will light a new life with a deeper meaning, broader experience and much more strength.

I started fresh for many time and hopefully for this time too. Because, like or not, changes is only the permenent thing on the universe.Sometimes, starting over mean that you are not the same person to be.I no longer attracted by the same thing. But, it is ok. I dont blame myself and also not to resist it.

And now i hope l had made the running. Make the first step. Even a running also start with just one step. And i also hope for this race i used to be in the right path, my own path. Just give me your support so that i wouldnt stop from running . Just believe in me...

In the morning, the sun will come up again.
Friends, i'm not telling you, you will be able to stop the race.
But, i do promise you that as i discover the way to win,
i will become one hell of a runner.

My daddy said, 
Dont be a lion nor Zebra. Be a human kind who rule the world and those who live in.

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